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Are your designs stickers or paintings?

All designs are wall paintings. The murals are executed by a ligament and created by the artwork.

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Is a wall painting washable?

Yes. You can safely rinse the paintings performed by tomorrow's paint collector, and do not worry about painting or erasing it.

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Can I order designs on the site with custom changes?

You can order any change, including color, size, direction and shape in the layout on the site and wall-paper catalogs. For example, maybe you like the colors and flowers of a particular design, similar to the colors and colors of your room.

سوال 4

Can you order a particular design outside of your images gallery?

Yes. If you would like a drawing outside of our site and our catalogs to be painted on your wall, just send the desired design or contact our graphic department. Telegram: Email: If you need special design, please call by phone. Designed for your order. 66000402-021

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